Brit Killed Driving on Wrong Side of Road

A British motorist has died in a car accident on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge which crosses Tampa Bay. Driving a rented 2002 Chrysler Sebring convertible, the man - not identified - crossed the bridge on the wrong side of the road and died in a head on collision with a Corvette. The driver of the Corvette was taken to hospital by helicopter where he's now in a a critical condition.

The accident occurred in the evening rush hour on Wednesday. Police believe that the car could have been travelling at up to 90mph.

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  • thirsty 29 Nov 2002

    I have driven on that bridge many times. There is no way he could have been on the worng side of the road by mistake... the bridge is part of a motorway, and there are toll booths on each side (you pay before you cross). He would have to cross the central reservation (grass median) before starting up the bridge. It would be interesting to know whether he was traveling north or south across the bay.

  • phil1 29 Nov 2002

    Sad incident, but I was relieved to read that after dying he was airlifted to hospital and is now in a critical condition. With time he might make a full recovery!

  • DavidP 29 Nov 2002

    If he wakes up dead, the shock will kill him.

  • zumbruk 29 Nov 2002

    I suppose being dead is pretty critical ....

  • PetrolTed 29 Nov 2002

    Oops cocked that up didn't I?

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