Competitive racing for Motofest Coventry

The Coventry Motofest has proven to be a successful event over the past few years, bringing some fantastic cars and eager fans together in the spiritual home of British car-making. This year the event will take on another dimension though, with the introduction of competitive driving thanks to the MSA's decision to allow local councils to rule on closed road motorsport.

It represents the first time that a UK city has hosted a motorsport event since the legendary Birmingham Superprix was last run in 1990. Don't expect door-to-door action however, as the event will be limited to time trial runs for 2018; some motorsport on city streets is better than none though, right?

We've had displays before - now it means something!
We've had displays before - now it means something!
The cars used will be from the BARC's various championships, though the exact models aren't yet confirmed. Given the BARC's series include everything from Rallycross to truck racing, and Formula Ford cars to Citroen 2CVs, there promises to be plenty on display.

As for the actual circuit, Motofest Coventry has been working with designers Driven International to develop a layout. We don't know what it is yet, but the benefit of a formal configuration should hopefully allow it to be reused for sprints, time trials and road rallies in future.

Is there a BARC championship for XJSes?
Is there a BARC championship for XJSes?
Festival director James Noble said "Motofest Coventry is very excited and proud to be at the forefront of bringing competitive motorsport back to UK city centre roads." If things go well, what's to say it couldn't be extended to other cities as well?

This year's Motofest will take place on the weekend of June 2nd-3rd, with the usual range of automotive activities going on - in addition to the time trials - that have made the event so popular already. We can't wait to see how it goes!

[Source: BARC, lead image by Mike Sewell]

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Comments (12) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Robmarriott 12 Jan 2018

    Great news.

    This has been quite a good event over the last few years, it allows you to get a lot closer to the action than you can at most places.

    Best use for Coventry ring road too, as a ring road it’s awful!

    One question though... do Brighton speed trials not count as competition on a public road? Madeira Drive is just that but somehow that seems to have not caused issues prior to the MSA rule change

  • pti 12 Jan 2018

    Brilliant news

  • ringweekends 12 Jan 2018

    I'm part of the Motofest Coventry team, mainly responsible for the Ring Road motorsport element.

    Brighton Speed Trials - a fantastic event!
    As I understand it, Madeira Drive is actually a private road, owned by the Council. This would circumvent the Road Traffic Act 1988.
    What I'm more interested in is how they enforce anything the rest of the year round! Maybe there are a broad set of T&C's covering the area on admission or something?

    Anyhow - very proud of what we've achieved thus far. Thanks to all that continue to support the event.


  • littleredrooster 12 Jan 2018

    Despite living in a CV postcode area, I've never actually been to one of these. Might just venture along this year and have a look!

  • Mr-B 12 Jan 2018

    littleredrooster said:
    Despite living in a CV postcode area, I've never actually been to one of these. Might just venture along this year and have a look!
    It's worth going, you can get quite close to the cars/action, particularly the drift section. For a free event it really is excellent, the timed trials should take things up another level.

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