Exclusive: BMW M3 spy-shots

The new 400bhp BMW M3, due for launch next year, has been spotted: check out these pics.


Our resident super-snapper Sebastian Geisler first spotted the BMW's new M3 Coupé on a German autobahn, but didn't get the chance to take pictures as it's pretty quick. Second time around, he was more successful.

Sebastian's notes

  • The car is almost uncamouflaged:
  • The front bumper is completely uncamouflaged,
  • The bonnet & side indicators have some minor camouflage,
  • The rear bumper has some minor camouflage on the right and left side, the
  • middle is completely uncamouflaged -- the diffuser is visible.
  • You can see that the M3 Coupé will sport a small rear spoiler.

The new M3 is powered by a V8 engine, based on the V10 from the BMW M5 / M6, with about 400 hp. It will be available next year, probably I expect the presentation at the Geneva motor show starting 8 March 2007.


The four-door and the convertible (with metal roof) variants will arrive later. BMW also hasn't yet decided whether a M3 Touring will also be made -- it's likely to wait to see how successful the M5 Touring is.

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  • Zod 25 Aug 2006

    Don't like the front splitter/bumper. The air intake just looks wrong.

    The mirrors look standard 3 Series, so presumably they'll change.

    Otherwise, I'm sure it will be absolute stormer.

  • Marki 25 Aug 2006

    I like it

  • rob05 25 Aug 2006

    Your a bit behind the times Zod these pics are 3 months old!

  • Mr Freefall 25 Aug 2006

    Will it still be limited to 155mph??? 400BHP sound good however!!!!

    Mr F

  • jon- 25 Aug 2006

    Is that droopy frontend a result of the new pedestrian safety laws? Thumbs down.

    Not sure why, i just can't get excited by new uber saloons anymore, they're 5 a penny.

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