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Fastest rig in the West | Time for Tea?

Camera cars are normally deathly dull. This one isn't

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, February 7, 2020

If you follow him on social media, you may have noticed that professional driver and PHer Mauro Calo is the proud owner of the world's fastest camera car. Essentially an R35 Nissan GT-R wearing the very latest in digital camera technology, Mauro's matte black coupe is essentially a film studio on wheels, with custom built arms and connectors that are aluminium welded directly onto the R35's internal structure. Nothing else holding full-time filming duties can keep up with it - which is handy when the car to be videoed is the quickest factory-produced GT-R yet, a Nismo,

The ever-energetic Mauro explains in this behind-the-scenes video that it's not just the GT-R's quick straight-line performance that makes it an ideal filming base, but also the ease at which it sticks with the very quickest of stuff. The car can be rigged-up, loaded with four staffers and sent firing around a circuit - without breaking a sweat. It really does emphasise the abilities of the R35, a car that we mustn't forget is now 13 years old. But, as Mauro notes, the car did practically tear up the performance car rule book.

"When I started to think about developing a high-performance camera car, I quickly realized that the Nissan GT-R was the only car that would meet my criteria," said Mauro, who's previously featured in PH videos and been a stunt driver in James Bond movies, no less. "It has supercar performance, with outstanding all-wheel drive handling and stability. It's famously reliable, and it can seat the team I need to operate the camera system. There were no other contenders."

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