Frankfurt: Land Rover DC100 Sport

Ha-ha-ha if you thought the Defender DC100 concept we showed you the other week was the 'lifestyle' version. Land Rover has unveiled this alternative take on the concept called (somewhat predictably) the DC100 Sport.

With its gaudy 'look at me' paint and styling cues, it's hard to picture the DC100 Sport in any other environment than 'Muscle Beach', but Land Rover reckons the concept will also appeal to pukka surfer types and the like. They say the Sport model takes its cues from the early canvas roofed Defenders, 're-imagined as a performance concept for the 21st Century.

Thus the car features 'a wrap-around aero screen and cut-down side windows for exhilarating open air motoring', but the next bit of the press release made us read it twice to make sure we weren't looking at the brochure for a special type of gentleman's sauna: 'Flowing back from the seats is a twin-humped fastback roofline that encloses a generous load bed which incorporates fittings specifically designed to secure extreme sports equipment.'

Well, that says it all, really. Although a bit of us secretly quite likes it... oo-er!

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  • Stew2000 13 Sep 2011

    Oh dear. we've somehow gone back in time.

  • bob1179 13 Sep 2011

    I dunno, I quite like it but it just doesn't seem like a viable Defender replacement.

    I look forward to see where JLR are going to go with this concept.


  • Max_Torque 13 Sep 2011

    And now we have a new title holder for the "Gayest thing ever" award category..........

    (yes, even gayer than the Dancing in the Street video from 1985:

    laugh )

  • OperationAlfa 13 Sep 2011

    hideous yellow beast! Quite like the new defender though.

  • cptsideways 13 Sep 2011

    I think we have a new nominee for the "Gay Icon of the Decade" award, hardcore LR enthusiasts must be rolling in their mudpits rofl

    The normal one just looks like a jumped up Skoda Yeti - which I suppose is'nt a bad thing

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