Hybrids Get V8 Soundtrack From Lotus

'Would Sir like a V12 with that?'
'Would Sir like a V12 with that?'
Moments after the pixels had dried on yesterday's post about the potential annoyance of 'beeping' pedestrian safety alerts for electric and hybrid cars, Lotus had popped into our in-box reminding us about its own HALOsonic system.

Developed in partnership with Harman International, HALOsonic is a production-ready package that wraps up all the work Lotus has been doing in active noise suppression and such, with a view to offering it to manufacturers for OEM installation on their vehicles. Apparently we can expect an announcement on the first production car to get the system within the next few weeks.

Work in this field originally centred on the active suppression of road and engine noise, but the HALOsonic package now includes things like artificial sounds for central locking systems (yawn...) and creating synthetic V8, V12 and fantasy spaceship 'engine noises' for electric and hybrid cars. (What?!!!)

That's right folks, Chevy's boffins can stick their beeps right back where they belong, because thanks to Lotus the prospect of driving a V12 or warp-drive powered eco-car is no longer a flight of fancy - and here's the video to prove it!

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  • Mafioso 27 Nov 2009

    What a dull video. The V12 sounded a bit... wrong?

  • Mr Gear 27 Nov 2009

    Ha! The old at 1:10 with the suitcase gets the shock of his life!

    On a serious note, the "futuristic" sounds are the best, because they sound very "directional" like a siren is supposed to. The flat 6 sounded OK too.

  • Stig 27 Nov 2009

    Interesting. I had an idea to make this sort of thing a few years back, but the patent was all wrapped up. Wonder how Lotus/HK have got around that!

  • jains15 27 Nov 2009

    Not a problem at all as long as I could download Millenium Falcon sounds for it hehe

  • tvrman 27 Nov 2009

    I remember Lotus looking into sound technology in the early 80's. I remember is being presented on Tomorrow World. They were using it to create opposite waves to reduce the amount of sound a car produces. They must have kept the sound department open.....

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