Ken Block's Gymkhana Five - Time for Tea?

We'll be honest here. When we heard that Ken Block was making another iteration of his gymkhana video series, we were a little cynical.

Sure, the master of the art of hoonery has become an internet sensation over the years, and his ability to make a hugely powerful 4wd rally car do hilarious things is broadly unparalleled. But (whisper it) we were getting just a little bored of it all, so we thought Gymkhana Five might be a mild disappointment.

It's not. The reason? Block's taken his 650hp Fiesta onto the streets of San Francisco, and any project that gets the Bay Bridge closed specifically for the purposes of hooning earns our eternal respect. Plus, some of the jumps as he careers around the famously hilly city are truly giggleworthy.

Ken, we salute you.


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  • mrclav 09 Jul 2012

    5:40 - wow...

  • il-mostro 09 Jul 2012

    I think this is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen! How on earth did he get permission to burn up th city like that, especially with all the practice runs that would have been required.

    Just awesome!!!!!

  • Greg_D 09 Jul 2012

    those jumps, brilliant, the airborne sideways is immense.

    You are right, the formula is well known, but it doesn't stop it being cool.......

  • skilly1 09 Jul 2012

    Love the fact there is no music over the top. That sideways jump - fantastic.

  • StottyZr 09 Jul 2012

    Going to get myself comfy and prepared to be amazed...

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