Lamborghini Reventon

If you fancy buying a Lamborghini Reventon you may be in luck. The Italian supercar maker is only producing 20 and when the car launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show we were told they have all been pre-sold.

But one lucky buyer could snap up the only one left in the world - and it's in the UK.

Prospective buyers should head to Innovation Cars, based in Ribchester, Lancs, which is run by ex-professional footballer Hugh McAuley, who is the son of Liverpool FC coach Hugh McAuley snr.

He believes his Reventon - which is said to be the pinnacle of Lamborghini's 'automotive art' - is the only one in the world for sale.

They claim to have three interested parties already, but the implication is that the first person to actually come up with the money - though the won't declare the price - will be the proud owner of the most exclusive car available in the world today.

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  • Cookie172 05 Oct 2007

    Only one for sale at the moment, anyway

    I wonder what Lambo HQ would have to say about this?

    Or would they not care, as long as some mug stumps up the 800k

  • arfur 05 Oct 2007

    Cookie172 said:
    Or would they not care, as long as some mug stumps up the 800k
    David Beckham ... your thread has arrived !

  • Huggybearuk 05 Oct 2007

    Wonder what sort of premium he will be charging for this then??

  • DoctorFan 05 Oct 2007

    Bought the latest TG mag yesterday and they have a 4 page bit on the Lambo. It's totally bonkers, so yes no doubt Mr Beckham will already have his with the number 23 stiched in the interior/steering wheel/ht leads etc, etc

  • Timnorthlondon 05 Oct 2007

    I'm sure this chap has just lost his place in the queue by promoting his car as for sale! The Reventon is about "exclusivity" after all.

    People who buy hypercars like this and aren't on an offical "list" commonly don't want everyone else knowing that they paid a huge premium for the privelidge!

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