M6 Production Ends

It's over - the heavily built woman has sung. Production of the BMW M6 has officially stopped, and the naturally aspirated V10 is officially a memory.

The upshot of this means that PH is now the official custodian of an extinct species - we shall not see the like of editor Chris-R's PH Fleet M6 again once it leaves PH towers.

But although the V10 M6 is dead, an all-new 6-series is due next year, and it's probably a fairly safe bet that the new twin-turbo V8 that's due to power the 2011 M5 (and already shoves the X5M and X6M along the road) will at some point find its way beneath the bonnet of the next 6-series.

But the V10 is definitively dead and, while we won't mourn the passing of the clunky SMG gearbox that went with it, the death of the sonorous 500bhp motor is a sad loss. Requiescat in pace, etc...

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  • olly22n 22 Jul 2010

    RIP frown

    Edited by olly22n on Thursday 22 July 13:35

  • madala 22 Jul 2010

    ....thanks gawd for that....what a 'feck ugly stupid piece of crap.......

  • robsco 22 Jul 2010

    Never actually been in a V10 M car, but what a spine-tingling engine. A loss to motoring.

  • MSTRBKR 22 Jul 2010


    Can't even remember how long the current RS4 has been around. Might not have been long.

    Edited by MSTRBKR on Thursday 22 July 13:45

  • OnTheOverrun 22 Jul 2010

    I've only driven an M6 once and it was a LHD one in France on some great roads but I struggle to like them. So complicated and heavy-handed and such huge performance but delivered in such an anaesthetised way. Not for me.

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