Maserati Granturismo S

Maserati has unveiled a new driver-focused version of the Granturismo – the Granturismo S.

The 4.7 litre V8 in the ‘S’ has 434bhp – a 34bhp increase over the standard car – and electro-actuated gearbox with fast MC-Shift.

The Granturismo S will be launched at Geneva next month, and features a high-performance brake system developed in collaboration with Brembo and introduced for the first time on the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S.

The system features front brake discs made with dual-cast technology – a dual casting of cast iron and aluminium, paired with aluminium mono-bloc 6-piston brake callipers.

The car has been subtely tweaked on the outside and interior upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather and Alcantara.

More details are expected when the car appears at the Geneva Show.

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  • dinkel 26 Feb 2008

    I thought AutoCar described the Granturismo as a great GT but not a sportscar . . . Why try then?

    I'm confused.

  • Wigeon Incognito 26 Feb 2008

    dinkel said:
    I thought AutoCar described the Granturismo as a great GT but not a sportscar . . . Why try then?

    I'm confused.
    Because to get rave reviews in the magazines every car has to be a great sportscar as well as being a GT/supermini/4x4/luxury saloon etc etc.

    Rave reviews = sales.

  • Panayiotis 26 Feb 2008

    I think the performance doesn't reflect the styling. With smaller and cheaper cars offering more horsepower in a lighter body, I think Maserati is forced to do this. I assume this given that the standard car hasn;t been on sale for very long.

  • mc_blue 26 Feb 2008

    It surprises me that this car has come so soon. I agree that it may not be necessary, I've always looked at this car as a Merc CL, Jaguar XK and even Conti GT and Ferrari 612 rival due to its size and GT bias. A smaller lighter model should be pitched at the 977 etc.

    Any PHers with the current guise royally pissed off?

    Edited by mc_blue on Tuesday 26th February 12:22

  • Exint2 26 Feb 2008

    This was always planned, and not a reaction to the press, the original car has an automatic box and the carry-over 4.2 engine.

    This is the more focused "sportscar" rather than GT' with the 4.7 first seen in the Alfa 8C and an uprated version of Maseratis Paddle shift box.

    It'll still suffer from the basic mass of the car but I expect the suspension will be tuned differently and the extra torque will be more important than the 34HP. And the car looks even better IMHO!

    Edited by Exint2 on Tuesday 26th February 12:25

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