New Mini Metro Planned

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Mini is planning a replacement for the Metro, it has been revealed.

In the hands of BMW the Mini has spawned a number of different variants - a convertible, the forthcoming SUV crossover and the Clubman – but now the firm is looking to add a fifth.

Codenamed ‘Knightsbridge’, the new car is reportedly going to be a larger version of the Mini - not as long as the Clubman but with more interior space than the current Mini.

According to website, company insiders want to call the car ‘Metro’ after the roomier Mini successor.

It could use the same floor pan as the Mini but a larger body will allow for more interior space.

The car could use diesel, hybrid and ethanol/hydrogen technology.

It is even suggested that BMW will look to acquire the MG name so that they can use it for sportier versions of the new car, which is expected in 2011.

A ‘Metro Turbo’ would use the same turbocharged 1.6 as in the Mini Cooper. quoted BMW insider Jan Witz as saying: ‘The Metro may be something of a joke in the UK but in Europe the car is held in high regard.

‘We are keen to stay true to the original – but obviously without the chronic rust problems.’

If all goes well BMW bosses say they could also look to develop a new Montego based on the 3-Series, and a Maestro on the 3-Series Compact platform.

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  • chunkymonkey71 01 Apr 2008

    If anyone actually believes this...!


  • sprinter885 01 Apr 2008

    Yeh right- almost believable until the last paragraph Nice try Oli.!

  • dkennedyvxt 01 Apr 2008

    April fool smile

  • Tracked_Out 01 Apr 2008

    Brilliant, you almost had me going for a split second...

  • 900T-R 01 Apr 2008

    Right - you folks may have confused me for a nanosecond there. Not.

    Class as 'must try harder next year' I'm afraid, folks.

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