Noble lets the M12 and M400 go

Noble M400
Noble M400
Noble Automotive has assigned manufacturing rights to the M12/400 series vehicle in the USA to 1g Racing. The assignment allows 1g, based in Hamilton, Ohio, to continue production of the vehicle which is still in demand in the USA and elsewhere.

Noble retains full rights to the car in the UK and control over the use of trademarks and naming.

Under terms of the agreement, 1g is required to re-badge and re-name the car by July 15th 2007, and is permitted to modify the vehicle to suit the needs of the 1g customer.

Company boss Lee Noble said: "The M12 has been a very successful model for Noble Automotive and we have learned much from it. Our new model will be a big step forward and this will leave no room in our line up for the M12/400 as we need to concentrate all of our attention on the development of our new model. However we will remain committed to all Noble owners, and will maintain the supply of all M12 and M400 parts for our owners and dealers."

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  • twincam16 21 Feb 2007

    Odd move, but, I suppose, no different to Lotus selling Caterham the rights to the Seven.

    Looks like Noble are making a big effort to make sure their new car is built up to a level of quality and usability to rival the likes of Porsche.

    Best of luck to them .

  • V6GTO 21 Feb 2007

    Believe me...the M15 is going to blow us away!


  • m12_nathan 21 Feb 2007

    So at the moment you cannot actually buy a new Noble then? Seems a strange move to drop the M12 & M400 before the M15 is ready?

  • kennys 21 Feb 2007

    ITS ALL OR NOTHING FOR NEXT CAR! they are obviously trying to squeeze £ from anywhere and everywhere.

  • AMG Merc 21 Feb 2007

    So at long last, clarification as to why the M12/M400 is absent from Noble's website!

    Perhaps one could order a RHD 1G derivitive (import) - 1G's rendition is bound to be a superior motor - IMHO (not that the current M12/M400 are bad at all)! idea

    Edited by AMG Merc on Wednesday 21st February 09:20

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