PH Blog: Jags on ice

Expect a bit of talk about sliding about on snow today. At home and abroad I've been, ah, enjoying myself.

Sideways, not backwards ... for now
Sideways, not backwards ... for now
Perhaps the most unexpected take on this theme took place last week in Finland, though, where Jaguar gatecrashed a Land Rover Nordic Adventure trip. Now, Land Rovers - 'Bigfoot' Defenders among them - on snow and in double figure minus temperatures kind of make sense. But a 550hp, rear-drive convertible?

Not that I was about to begrudge the chance for some sliding about, Land Rover's David Sneath my unfortunate chaperone who took my request to put the roof down with surprisingly good grace. And the world's most voluminous (and colour-matched) down jacket. He's not daft. Jag's video team kindly chopped together a little vid of the experience to include plenty of footage of a) me in my daft but very warm hat and b) a bit more footage of me spinning than was strictly necessary. But if you've got a snow covered roundabout or car park near you and require any further inspiration, here you go.

I'll be driving this car again in a couple of weeks in the more appropriate weather of California, including a promise of a bit of runway where we'll be able to max the Jag out to 186mph. Again with the roof down. With luck aforementioned headgear will be ripped off by the slipstream and that'll be the end of that.

Slight off-piste adventures part of the fun
Slight off-piste adventures part of the fun
Back to the snow though and, while I'm sharing out-takes, here's a spectacular one from my explorations of which of the Terrain Response modes is best suited to getting an Evoque sideways in the snow. Not this one, clearly. Cool pic though!

Of course, I could have spared myself the trip to Finland and just waited a few days for the weekend's snowfall. Anyone else been having fun out there?


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  • herebebeasties 06 Feb 2012

    That looks like a whole lot of fun...

  • Reardy Mister 06 Feb 2012


    Was that near Levi?

  • Dan Trent 06 Feb 2012

    Erm, bear with me! It was about 90min north of Helsinki. Apologies for being vague but our whole itinerary was messed up by a nine-hour flight delay so we arrived at 11pm local and just followed the nav to the hotel which was, like everywhere else, snowy and surrounded by trees.

    Shameful because I usually like to know where I am but I was fixated by more pressing concerns like food and a bed.

    I'll find out where we were and get back to you...

  • Dan Trent 06 Feb 2012

    Turns out we were near here!


  • Rusty-C 06 Feb 2012

    Can confirm Volvos are more fun in snow biggrin

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