Pikes Peak: No Record This Year

The 10-minute barrier remained unbroken this weekend at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb after the two favourites - Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima and Rhys Millen - failed to nip under the magic time marker.

Tajima, in his 910bhp Suzuki, won overall with a time of 10mins 11secs, but Rod Millen and his mad-looking Hyundai prototype had a disaster. A gearbox temporarily full of neutrals on the second corner, a spin, and brakes that disappeared towards the end of the run meant a lowly time of 11mins 06secs.

The only other serious challenger for the outright record was Paul Dallenbach, but his Chevy V8-powered open-wheeled machine only managed a time of 10mins 39secs.

On Friday we asked whether Millen, Tajima or Pikes Peak itself would be victorious. It seems that this time the infamous Colorado mountain has won once again. Still, there's always next year...

There was some happy news, though. The Time Attack 2wd record of 12:09.40, set by Millen last year in his old Hyundai Genesis, fell to Jeff Zwart at 11:31.095 in his Porsche 911 Cup, while the electric record went to Ikuo Hanawa with a time of 13:17.575.

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  • dele 29 Jun 2010

    Is it me or does that Hyundai look like an LMP car for under 12's?

  • The Wookie 29 Jun 2010

    A Porsche Cup Car winning a rally stage? All I can say is wow!

  • Scuffers 29 Jun 2010

    The Wookie said:
    A Porsche Cup Car winning a rally stage? All I can say is wow!
    remember people used to run 911's in the Paris Dakar (along with 959's)


  • Paul 8v 29 Jun 2010

    Makes you wonder how mental the car to break the 10 minute barrier is going to have to be!
    Was the RS200 from last year running again?

  • TheRoadWarrior 29 Jun 2010

    Has Tajima actually got the biggest head in the world??

    Edited by TheRoadWarrior on Tuesday 29th June 14:41

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