Porsche 959 Speedster

Aahh, the classic Porsche 959 Speedster - has to be one of my all-time favourite cars. But hang on a minute, Porsche didn't make a 959 Speedster...

One of the first rules to creating a convincing replica has to be choosing a car that actually existed in the first place. This clearly didn't occure to the maker of this chopped 959 and the result is, well, interesting at least.

It's a blend of what can only be a 356 Speedster replica with 959 front and back tacked on. Either that or it was once an original Speedster but that doesn't bare thinking about. Two things are for sure it 'glides down the road like it is on a track' and it has a four speed manual.

See the eBay ad here


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  • Burnham 12 Aug 2008

    What a fk up.

  • willisit 12 Aug 2008

    Oh dear.

  • Strawman 12 Aug 2008

    Hmmm, real 959 = 450BHP turbocharged 195mph screamer, replica = wheezy 4 cylinder producing ? 60-80 BHP confused

  • TIGA84 12 Aug 2008

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt someone chop the roof off of one. I remember it being in a magazine years ago when I was a kid. A white one?

  • Gad-Westy 12 Aug 2008

    There appears to be a slight mismatch between interior an exterior. That looks cack.

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