Porsche’s Winter Options

Porsche Kinderbob
Porsche Kinderbob
As temperatures drop around the country the chance of snow seems ever more likely, and when there is snow, there is sledging.

So if your kid’s first words were Porsche instead of Mummy or Daddy then this may be the ideal present, the Porsche Kinderbob.

The gravity propelled Porsche is fitted with metal runners to gain that extra speed and a working horn to shift the slower old school wooden sleds out of the way.

Porsche Aluminiumschlitten
Porsche Aluminiumschlitten
Porsche haven’t left out the big kids either, with the Porsche Aluminiumschlitten. This sled’s frame is made completely of aluminium, with high grade steel skids. It also folds up into its own carrying bag so you can easily carry it to your local “Cresta Run”.

If you head to the German version of the Porsche website you can pick the Kinderbob up for €65 (around £47), and the Aluminiumthingy for a cool €250 (£180).

Though there is no news on the options list.

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  • pixiepete 11 Dec 2007

    im gonna wait for the GT2 RS version of the Porsche Kinderbob biggrin

  • andyuk911 11 Dec 2007

    I think I would rather put the money towards my £300 road tax smile

  • Martin_Bpool 11 Dec 2007


    Can't help but notice that the Kinderbob looks familiar.

  • morgrp 11 Dec 2007

    Do they work in drizzle? - like the Kinderbob but I prefer power sliding my 190e 16v round a supermarket car park in the snow more

  • The Hitman 11 Dec 2007

    I wonder if they'll make a other versions of the Kinderbob....

    SUV = Cayennderbob
    Roadster = Boxsterbob
    Coupe = Caymanderbob
    Superbob = Carrera-bob GT

    Edited by The Hitman on Tuesday 11th December 11:15

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