Production Juke Nismo takes a bow at Le Mans

As you've probably gathered by now, the Nissan DeltaWing 'halve-everything' strategy includes its engine - which is a 1.6-litre turbo petrol. Since this is the motorsport version of the 1.6-litre DIG-T unit available in the Juke (and shortly the next gen Renaultsport Clio), Nissan has chosen Le Mans to unveil the production Nismo version of its dinky crossover.

This is stage one of bringing the Nismo high performance brand to a wider European audience. Sitting on the big Nissan show stand at the end of the Le Mans village, it's pulling in a fair amount of attention - which is especially impressive given it's parked right next to the left-hand drive Juke R (its RHD brother is taking part in the parade later), in among a collection of other Nissans that includes the DeltaWing show car, an LMP2 racer and GT racing versions of the GT-R and 370Z.

Probably the colour scheme helps - pearl white with plenty of red pinstriping, just like the concept - but it sports beefed-up looks and bigger wheels, too; the body kit apparently improves downforce without increasing drag. The exact performance enhancements remain TBC, but it will include Nismo tweaks under the bonnet as well as to the suspension. "Steering modifications" are also promised, and there's a full Nismo interior makeover, including red stitching and chunky sports seats.

The car on the stand appears to be fitted with a CVT gearbox, which is a bit of worry. But then that's what you get with the 190hp, four-wheel drive package that's already in showrooms. Expect at least 200hp from the Nismo, and a dealership debut early in 2013.

No word on the price, but compared with the R it'll obviously be a bargain. The crossover assault on the traditional hot hatch has begun.




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  • Beefmeister 15 Jun 2012

    That's textbook turd polishing.

    The Juke really is one of the most frightfully ugly cars on the road, yet I see loads of the bloody things.

  • will261058 15 Jun 2012

    Beefmeister said:
    That's textbook turd polishing.

    The Juke really is one of the most frightfully ugly cars on the road, yet I see loads of the bloody things.
    I have been wondering the same, how can something so ugly be so popular (Gerard Depardieu springs to mind) scratchchin

  • carl_w 15 Jun 2012

    This was also out at Crystal Palace a few weeks back (it was actually the same car I believe). Was faster than me boxedin

  • Domf 15 Jun 2012

    The Juke is marmite, but compared to the other boring eurobox designs in its sector it does stand out and that's why people like or dislike it. Better to be talked about than not talked about at all (Auris, 508 etc)

  • XJ40 15 Jun 2012

    Hideous looking machine. I don't understand why you want one instead of a conventional hatchback, don't get these "crossovers".

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