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Snapper Auctions Some Tape

But it's off a Jag XF test mule, so it's ok

By A1GOY / Thursday, August 09, 2007

The tape itself

The tape itself

Brenda Priddy, spy snapper, is auctioning off some super special, uber exclusive car camouflage.

After tracking a heavily camo’d Jaguar XF mule, Brenda saw an engineer take some of its camo tape off and throw it away. Brenda (not one to get her hands dirty, you see) sent her assistant to pick up the ball of extra sticky tape. When she got home, she promptly put it on ebay with all proceeds going to charity.

The winner will receive not only the wad of stickyness, but also a print (or two, depending on how much this thing goes for) of the XF taken by Brenda herself and two purple pens. And if the bids go sky high you’ll get a hat, too.

If you fancy bidding, follow this link and you’ll get to the auction. If you do win, let us know.

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