Speed Humps Rival Fiji For CO2 Footprint

The CO2 impact of Speed Humps in the UK is greater than that of the whole of Fiji, says Clear, a self-styled 'Carbon Offsetting Company' whose employees found time to do the maths between other, um, very important offsetting carbon-type things.

Now that's our kind of speed bump...
Now that's our kind of speed bump...
In case you don't believe them, they've even provided us with their working out. And here it is...

"The AA (Automobile Association) did a bit of research on fuel consumption for cars at the Millbrook Proving Ground and found that a typical mid-size car running at a constant 30 mph did 58 mpg. However a car slowing down and speeding up for speed humps only did 31 mpg. Put that into carbon figures for a petrol car and you get 113 g/km of CO2 at a constant 30mph, or 211 g/km over speed humps. So a kilometer of road with speed humps creates an extra 0.1kg of CO2 for every single car that travels it.

The average road in the UK has 2.46 cars passing per minute throughout the day, so for argument's sake, a street typically has 1 car going each way down it every minute during the day and night. In a year, that means a single typical 1km stretch of speed-humped road with 10 speed humps creates an extra 103 tonnes of unnecessary CO2 per year or equivalent of taking 32 cars off the road.

...and here's another one
...and here's another one
Taking into account the UK's estimated 100,0006 speed humps, then that's a colossal 1.03 million tonnes of CO2 per year. That's about the same as the total carbon footprint of the 830,000 residents of Fiji, or almost twice that of Greenland. Ouch. And that doesn't even consider the motorbikes / trucks and other vehicles that use the UK road network."

Thanks chaps - just the ticket for a slow news day!

(Pics via www.moillusions.com and www.strangecosmos.com )


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  • LooseCannon 10 Jul 2009

    Not much ammunition here.The 'mentalists will just use evidence like this to say we should all be trundling along at a specs-enforced 20mph.

  • badgerracing 10 Jul 2009

    It could probably do with some refining, but we'd noticed that no-one had done any research into the environmental impact of the bloody things so we got our research guys onto it.

    No way we're advocating 20mph everywhere - just outside schools / hospitals and Aston dealerships (you want to get a better look right?)

    Edited by badgerracing on Friday 10th July 13:40

  • EDLT 10 Jul 2009

    Most cars would have to use a lower gear to drive everywhere at 20mph so thats even more carboned... I think...

  • williamp 10 Jul 2009

    so fuel consumption nearly doubled because of speed humps. Thanks, council...

  • thehardman07 10 Jul 2009

    My local council (in a bid to waste some of our money before the end of the financial year) has recently put speed bumps in just about EVERY street in my town...... which is annoying. The ones on my commute out of town to work though are not wide enough, meaning you can place each wheel on either side and not feel a thing!

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