Tesla: Charging Anxiety Is 'For The Weak'

Still wearing the dust and stains from a 3,600 mile drive from Los Angeles to the Detroit motor show, this Tesla roadster has been flying the flag for electric power.

The travel-weary look isn't quite as evocative on an electric runabout as it might be on an unwashed 24hr Le Mans race victor perhaps, but Tesla reckons the drive across America has added extra credibility to its claims that the car is more than a novelty.

18 Tesla employees took part in the marathon, with promotional stop-offs along the way to help raise awareness about electric cars.

"It proves the Roadster is tough, durable, and range anxiety is for the weak", the company now boasts.

Electric power is looking like a big theme of the Detroit motor show this week, with a selection of battery-powered machines from small builders vying for attention - from wacky city cars to performance-orientated machines like the Tesla.

We'll post a few pictures of some of the sportier lookers later, but with the major industry players also piling into the electric sector with new concepts at the show, you've got to wonder how long the small fry will be able to keep carving out a niche.

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  • Beefmeister 11 Jan 2010

    I'd wager that every single step, stop-off and recharge was planned to the exact km though...

  • soad 11 Jan 2010

    Good on them, even if it's for a bit of publicity.
    Nice to see it being used properly.

    Who's going to volunteer for a car-wash?

  • pacman1 11 Jan 2010

    Beefmeister said:
    I'd wager that every single step, stop-off and recharge was planned to the exact km though...
    Quite. And neither does it say how many charges it took in order to dispel the anxiety.

    Edited by pacman1 on Monday 11th January 13:55

  • cs02rm0 11 Jan 2010

    I think it's a reasonable achievement, but how long did it take?

  • glazbagun 11 Jan 2010

    Well done. Although it's nothing a £500 banger couldn't do these days, it can still only be a good thing.

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