Thead of the Day: Servicing a Carrera GT

Many of us dream of having a hyper car. But those dreams often don't include the labour that is included in the ownership of such a highly fabled car. The honour of owning something like this gorgeous Porsche Carrera GT, of course comes with some impressive maintenance - preventative or otherwise.

PHer Stefan1 has owned this car for 12 years now, and thus has a very good idea of what his (clearly well loved) Carrera GT demands of him. Now in the 12th year of ownership, he has carried on the tradition of documenting his once-every-four-years engine-out service on PH. The work is carried out by Porsche Reading, with the attention to detail extensive and - to put it bluntly - bloody amazing. Stefan1 asked Porsche to go over the car with a fine tooth comb to pick up any discrepancies, and as such the old milled differential parts were replaced with new, stronger forged parts, a 2nd gear synchro ring was found to have a tiny crack in it (causing a slight crunch when cold) so was replaced, and miraculously the clutch is still showing no wear since the last check. Those iconic centre lock magnesium wheels were also refurbished to keep them from oxidizing and the seats removed for a deep clean and scratch removal on the carbon tub. We're just skimming the surface here, but you get the idea...

The price for such an extensive list of work? £20k. More than your average hatch back, but when lots of supercar owners get their cars detailed for £10k+ it doesn't seem so unreasonable... So check out the gloriously picture heavy thread below - we're already looking forward to year 16!

See the full thread here.

P.H. O'meter

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