Video: Time Lapse Rally Car Build

'Where does this bit go?'
'Where does this bit go?'
We all know that a lot of time and money goes into running a rally team but it's not often we get to see exactly how much. Subaru has released a time lapse video of the 800 hours it takes to build an Impreza rally car.

Some people may be surprised to learn that the Subaru Rally Team USA starts with a showroom WRX STI and then strips it of everything. The engine is removed, along with the drivetrain, interior and even windscreen, before the car is fully rebuilt as a rally weapon.

Respect is due...

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  • DamoLLb 14 Aug 2008

    They could save themselves 25 labour hours by just having a shell delivered! I assume this is something to do with regs?

  • MrKipling43 14 Aug 2008

    Yeah, I think it's to do with Group N.

    Anyway, top find Oli - I think that was Travis Pastrana's new ride.

  • OperationAlfa 14 Aug 2008

    Very cool to see. smile

  • stuart-b 14 Aug 2008

    Just goes to show you how little these cars have in common with the road cars smile

  • Sf_Manta 14 Aug 2008

    Major major respect for that...bowbowbow

    Dearly love to have a job like that after i finish university! bow

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