Video: Why It Can Cost To Crash At The 'Ring

VXR 'Ring edition with original panels...
VXR 'Ring edition with original panels...
Many of us dream of taking our road cars to the Nurburgring for a hot lap or two, and some of us even get round to doing it for real. Here at PH HQ we're occasionally afforded the luxury of doing it with somebody else's metal - which considering the possibilities for things going wrong is pretty astonishing, really.

If you've got a Nurburgring itch that needs scratching, this YouTube video is an excellent reminder of what can happen when enthusiam exceeds experience or mechanical failure intervenes.

We don't know exactly what caused this accident, although we can see what it looks like, and we do know the aftermath is going to be expensive. As well as the damage to his pride and joy, this driver will likely get a bill from the Circuit administrators for new Armco sections, cleaning up the track and possibly a bit of helicopter time, too.

Check your insurance policy carefully for exclusions, is the usual advice. The 'Ring may be defined as a public road in Germany, but to UK insurers things are rarely so clear cut...

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  • Ex Boy Racer 19 May 2010

    I think that's called understeer...

  • Biker's Nemesis 19 May 2010

    Damn this work computer.

  • robm3 19 May 2010

    I was there two weeks ago when this happened and saw the Astra (with UK plates and club stickers on) go through the barriers. Funny enouhg my mate and I (who later wrote his bike off on the same day) commented on how good it sounded.

    Then the track was shut for 30 minutes followed by the Astra coming out on the back of a lowloader with an ambulance behind it.

  • mrmr96 19 May 2010

    Do they charge for closure time too? (On top of repairs, cleaning, recovery and first aid?)

  • Nick_Johnson 19 May 2010

    I think this is the result of stupid amounts of BHP & Torque going through the front wheels without any kind of LSD. An entertaining car to drive I'm sure but I doubt it really worthy of being call a "Nurburgring Edition" unless of course it is its final resting place! frown

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