BMW 2002 Hommage for Villa d'Este

BMW has a long history of concepts for the Villa d'Este concours event, with some real stunners in the recent past: cars like the Zagato Coupe, 328 Hommage and last year's CSL Hommage. Here's the latest for the Lake Como extravaganza, the 2002 Hommage.

Gold because it's 50 years of the BMW 02...
Gold because it's 50 years of the BMW 02...
Now don't go expecting an in-depth tech spec from BMW for this car, because the Hommage is all about design. At a guess given the silhouette and discussion of turbo technology, this 2002 is most probably an M2 underneath. Not a bad place to start...

Best then to focus on how it looks, because BMW is much keener to talk about that. While officially marking 50 years of the 02 series, this Hommage car most clearly draws upon the 2002 Turbo for its aesthetic. Indeed, BMW's Head of Design Karim Habib describes it as offering "its own sassy, almost brash character of the 2002 turbo." So there are familiar BMW cues, incorporated with additional retro themes.

See the shark nose, kidney grille and Hofmeister kink for proof of the former, BMW suggesting that they promise a "driving experience that thrills with irresistible dynamics and agility." But then this wouldn't be a Hommage concept without a host of retro references, so BMW has packed the 2002 with cues from the past too.

Family resemblance less clear from behind
Family resemblance less clear from behind
From the front, the full width black strip including the headlights evokes the old car, as do separately mounted indicators. The aero is rather more serious than before but there is - of course - 'turbo' font across the front bumper and yellow headlamps for the full retro vibe.

Now while BMW says the Hommage "calls on elements of the 2002 turbo", that seems rather like how the F-Type evokes the E-Type, or Christian Bale's Batman was inspired by Adam West's version; in the 21st century things are bolder, brasher and bigger. So while the Hommage certainly looks imposing from the back, any links to the 2002 seem a little tenuous. Yes, it has a kicked up rear spoiler and a badge next to the numberplate, but it also has four huge exhausts, massively swollen arches and a rather different design. Is it a successful look?

Opinions will vary, but then public thought on these Hommage concepts doesn't really matter; it won't be built, and seems unlikely to influence any future cars. But as long as BMW can see worth in creating them, we'll keep talking about them!

Watch the video here.










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  • billyali86 20 May 2016

    Whats that going on in my pants.....?


  • Veeayt 20 May 2016

    That looks stupid

    ETA i mean aftermarket

  • DoctorX 20 May 2016


  • EnglishTony 20 May 2016

    I liked the CSL. This has put me off grey.

  • billyali86 20 May 2016

    I'm sure a chase scene in James bond was filmed where the last pic is taken, was it skyfall?

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