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BMW teases new M4 GT3 as M6 replacement

Our first look at new BMW race car, and how that M4 grille will really look...

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Credit where it's due to BMW; while some of the road car offerings have been a bit divisive of late, it's been churning out some amazing race cars. There was no sensible road car base (or reason) for the Z4 GT3, yet that didn't stop the rude little racer capturing hearts and minds on track. The M6 GT3 always looked enormous on circuit, yet didn't stop it succeeding, and same for the M8 GTE. Don't forget the 2 Series Racing and M4 GT4, too.

So there will be some excitement around a new BMW customer racing coupe, especially one based around the next M4. The car seen here - yes, there's just the one image for now - will be around for the 2022 season, when a new set of 'dual-platform' regulations will be introduced for GT3 racing. (The aim to better balance the mid- and rear-engined sports cars with the front-engined ones.)
Naturally, the GT3 will be powered by an evolution of the S58 motor found in the roadgoing M4, said to boast "impressive engine characteristics and explosive power delivery" - which bodes well for the street car. Apparently the chassis is the "perfect basis" for building the GT3.

Jens Marquardt, BMW's Motorsport Director, has said the car "will be a real highlight in terms of optics and technology", and that BMW "wants to play a major role in international GT racing with the BMW M4 GT3."

Development of the car is said to already be at full speed, with testing set to commence next year, then under "race conditions" in '21. Teams interested in campaigning it for 2022 should contact BMW on M4GT3@BMW-Motorsport.com. With lots of money. You never know, that grille might scare the opposition out of the way...

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