Chiron world record - Frankfurt 2017 (with vid)

Crazy numbers are something of a forte as far as the Bugatti Chiron is concerned, and today we have confirmation of another: a new world record for the 0-400kph-0 sprint of 41.96 seconds.

"Don't want this one, somebody's painted '42' on it..."
"Don't want this one, somebody's painted '42' on it..."
Think about that. 42 seconds to accelerate from stationary to 249mph and then back to a stop again. And in just 3,112 metres. Bonkers. What other cars could even achieve that feat, let alone provide competition? A Veyron Super Sport would be one, and perhaps the Hennessey Venom is another. Any other suggestions are more than welcome...

For some context on just how ludicrous the Chiron's achievement is, take a look at this test of crazy tuner specials that Car and Driver did a decade ago. It was testing cars from 0-200mph-0. A tuned Saleen S7 - a tuned Saleen S7 - making somewhere in the region of 800hp went from standing to the double-ton and back again seven seconds slower than the Chiron went to 249mph and returned to a stop. Seven seconds! What a car.

Slammed with the spoiler up? It's a scened Chiron!
Slammed with the spoiler up? It's a scened Chiron!
The driving was done by none other than Juan-Pablo Montoya, who described the car as "stable and consistent", which sounds like he could have been talking about his last bowel movement. However, he did also add that the braking and acceleration were "incredible", and we'll have to hope a few expletives emerged soon after the interview.

The point? Well beyond proving the Chiron's remarkable performance, this run forms part of the test programme for surpassing the top speed record set by the Veyron SS; that's expected at some point next year. Finally, the record-run Chiron will be on show at Frankfurt and, should you have been waiting for some record-setting kudos before taking the plunge, you're in luck - 200 cars are still available...

Watch the video here.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • MikeGoodwin 11 Sep 2017

    Mega machine!! Venom wouldn't get the power down I rekon. Impressive pub talk digits for sure.

  • steveb8189 11 Sep 2017

    What a beast

    Not sure why you decided to pick up on the S7 from the test though. The Lambo, Hennessey and Ford were both much faster with the latter doing 0-200-0 in 26.5 and with a "as tested" price of $212k it looks quite the bargain compared to the Chiron! I wonder what it would have done 0-400kph-0 in...

  • phil121081 11 Sep 2017

    Any other suggestions are more than welcome...

    Golf R?

  • Krikkit 11 Sep 2017

    Got to admit I'm loving the Chiron even more - after Chris Harris drove one and noted how much more interesting it is than the fairly anodyne Veyron it'd be very high on my Euromillions win list.

  • TheBigUnit 11 Sep 2017

    phil121081 said:
    Any other suggestions are more than welcome...

    Golf R?
    Chipped 535D.

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