Lister LFT-666 name confirmed for Thunder

Remember the 675hp Thunder prototype that Lister revealed earlier this year? Well, the British brand has now confirmed that the production version will be called the  LFT-666, which essentially stands for ‘Lister F-Type with 666bhp’, in case you were wondering.

Just 99 examples of the British brute – a heavily re-engineered version of the Jaguar F-Type SVR – will be produced, with the first cars due to on the driveways of their lucky buyers from the 1 October.

The new car marks a return to development of modern machinery for Lister after decades of focusing on vintage cars. Those experienced enough at life to remember the days of smoking pipes and flying jackets will know that Lister Cars’ history stretches back to development of the Le Mans Jaguar ‘Knobbly’ D-Type of the 1950s.

As you might expect, the LFT-666 is all about re-establishing the firm as a 21st century entity, with a level of performance and specifications to rival the latest supercars. That 675hp output (because metric) enables a 0-62mph time of 3.2sec, a 0-100mph of 6.8sec and a top speed of 208mph. Or ‘properly stonking numbers’ as they're otherwise known.

But there’s more to come, because Lister will also offer parts to existing F-Type owners to make the firm a more overarching Jaguar aftermarket brand. Lister CEO Lawrence Whittaker has stated that he wants the brand to be seen with a similar link to Jaguar as Alpina do with BMW. As such, an aftermarket parts list is being launched that includes bits featured on the LFT-666. Kits start from £9,750; that bottom figure buys you the Lister badge, bumpers and wheel upgrade. Cars without the power increase will be badged as Lister LFTs.

The good news is this steam train of progress will keep on rolling because Lister has £10 million worth of investment to splash on its future. It’s opening a new head office and showroom in Lancashire, and engineers already working on the next model, a faster version of the F-Pace called the LFP, which has the potential to sell in much bigger numbers.

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  • cossers 01 Aug 2018

    Looks hard as, not sure about the green though, ohh and 22” wheels!

    Edited by cossers on Wednesday 1st August 15:16

    Edited by cossers on Wednesday 1st August 15:17

  • jet_noise 01 Aug 2018

    What a dumb, dumb and thrice dumb name.
    Thunder was perfect. Or they could have reused Storm (assuming VW don't have that trademarked).

  • SevenR 01 Aug 2018

    i LOVE THAT.!!!

  • 7795 01 Aug 2018

    jet_noise said:
    What a dumb, dumb and thrice dumb name.
    Thunder was perfect. Or they could have reused Storm (assuming VW don't have that trademarked).
    I concur. It's so stupid I think someone will have an epiphany moment and change it...

  • Nigel_O 01 Aug 2018

    Surely, with a "666" moniker, it will inherit an unofficial name - I vote for "Beelzebub"....

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