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Β£50k Integra Type R!

Immaculate US-market DC2 makes $63,800 at Barrett Jackson auction; world still trying to get over it

By Matt Bird / Monday, October 01, 2018

In the annals of fast car history, the original Honda Integra Type R will be very fondly remembered. Frequently lauded as perhaps the greatest front-wheel drive car ever made, it combined a razor sharp chassis with a stunning powertrain and communicative, incisive controls. Oh sure, it was hardly the prettiest coupe, but 10 minutes behind the wheel could convince any doubter.

As such, prices have started to rise recently; where once upon a time £4k bought a good car, that's now the entry point. For genuine low mileage examples nearer £10k is needed. However, all that's been blown out of the water by an American Integra, which has just sold at auction for $63,800. At today's exchange rate, that's £48,889. Or near enough £50k. For an Integra Type R...

Now, of course, that sort of money buys a totally immaculate Integra. This Championship White car is number 37 of the 320 imported to the States in 1997 and, having been with its original owner for more than two decades, has covered just 1,191 miles. Everything from the day it was bought is present - an unopened spare key set, tyre pressure gauge and torch, bill of sale - making this Integra perhaps the most appealing to collectors that there's ever been.

Saving a car that's as sensational to drive as it is dorky and unfashionable to collect does seem rather bizarre, but if that's what people want to do then so be it. Will the current owner ever be able to achieve such an incredible sum for the car in future? Would they ever want to, more pertinently, given this sort of example must be unrepeatable? Whatever the case, it's clear the Integra is becoming as desirable to the wider world of classic cars as it is to us VTEC aficionados - see here for further temptation...

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