'Evija' name confirmed for Lotus EV hypercar

Given the Lotus heritage its flagship 'Type 130' hypercar, the first project worked on entirely under Geely's ownership no less, was always going to have a name beginning with 'E'. All the brand icons - Elan, Esprit, Elise, and more - use it, after all. Now we know which E name it'll be: Evija.

Meaning 'the first in existence' or 'the living one', the name is pronounced 'ev-eye-a'. Just so you know. Lotus reckons the name is appropriate because of the innovation in its history, both on the track and off it.

Lotus CEO Phil Popham said: "Evija is the perfect name for our new car because it's the first hypercar from Lotus, our first electric offering and is the first new model under the stewardship of Geely. The Evija is a Lotus like no other, yet a true Lotus in every sense. It will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage and pave the way for further visionary models."

With the Evija set to be unveiled in full later this month in London, showgoers to this weekend's festival of speed will get an "exclusive glimpse" via a light show on the Lotus stand. That's going to be your best look yet at the outside of the Evija before the reveal.

Other than that, there are no further details for now. But with production scheduled to start next year, there's clearly plenty more to follow. Count us as one among plenty of excited parties.

P.H. O'meter

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  • Tin Hat 04 Jul 2019

    That sounds like something you would get treatment for at the local STD clinic

  • JulianHJ 04 Jul 2019

    Did they draft Swizz Beatz back in to come up with that tosh?

  • Big GT 04 Jul 2019

    Sounds like a part of the body that could become 'swollen'

  • sgtBerbatov 04 Jul 2019

    Just call it Espirit and be done with it.

  • GranCab 04 Jul 2019

    She will be flattered ....


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