Ford Mustang Bullitt: Geneva 2018

You'll remember the latest Mustang Bullitt - it made its debut at the Detroit show in January, where it looked decidedly epic in Dark Highland Green and threatened to sound even better with a gently fettled version of Ford's 5.0-litre V8. Well, the Geneva show will play host to the car's European unveil - an event made all the more momentous by news that it will eventually be sold here, too.

"Nothing captured the spirit and excitement of Mustang quite like that amazing car chase in 'Bullitt'," said Steven Armstrong, Ford's European president. "The new Mustang Bullitt will pack a similar punch when it goes on sale later this year with more power, high specification and - just like the film's star, Steve McQueen - dripping with understated cool."

Well, okay. You'll need to commute to work in lusty pursuit of a Dodge Charger to get the full effect, but there's no question that the car looks pretty special in its characteristic paint job (you can have it in Shadow Black too - but shouldn't) and 19-inch Torq Thrust-style wheels. No word on prices just, although the car is due to go into production in June so we shouldn't have long to wait. See below for the full story.









The rumours and speculation were right: Ford has made a new Bullitt Mustang, and here it is! Unveiled at the Detroit motor show - where else? - it celebrates 50 years since Steve McQueen (and a Mustang GT390) stole the show in Bullitt. Y'know, in case you haven't heard...

"When making a Bullitt, there are certain things it absolutely must have. It has to have the right attitude, it has to be unique in some way from a Mustang GT, and more than anything, it has to be bad ass." That's the opinion of Mustang chief engineer Carl Widmann, and we like the cut of his jib. When was the last time you heard "bad ass" in a press soundbite? Moreover, while the obvious focus will be on the car's styling - more on that in a sec - Widmann has been true to his word in offering something unique under the skin, too.

While using the GT's 5.0-litre V8 'Coyote' engine, the Bullitt employs a new "Open Air Induction System" which uses the GT350's intake manifold and larger, 87mm throttle bodies as well. There's also an uprated active valve performance exhaust system, said to give the Mustang its "signature burble". All in Ford is claiming "at least" 475hp and 420lb ft, with top speed up on the standard car to 163mph. The Bullitt is manual only, too.

Now we're all aware of what makes a Bullitt Mustang a Bullitt Mustang, so Ford hasn't tampered with the formula too much here. It's painted Dark Highland Green (Shadow Black is available, but why would you want that?), the wheels evoke the original and the car is almost devoid of external insignia - the '5.0' badges have disappeared from the wings, there's not a Ford logo anywhere, and the only identifier is the Bullitt boot badge. Like the 1968 car, this 2018 model features chrome around the grille and front windows.

That theme continues inside, with a cue ball shifter just like Frank's Mustang. This car also features green accents for the leather, plus a new instrument cluster that features a Bullitt welcome screen; perhaps a bit naff, but we won't complain just yet. Options include a Recaro seat upgrade and a 'Bullitt Electronics Package' comprised of nav, memory seats, an upgraded sound system and blind spot warning, in case you're unsure where that Charger you need to ram off the road is lurking. The suspension can also be upgraded to include magnetic dampers, which Ford says "optimises driving performance"; surely just the thing for jumping through San Francisco's streets.

The new Bullitt Mustang is due out this summer, though there aren't yet any details on price or availability. Pester Ford now if you're as keen to see them in the UK as we are!








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  • hhhpsmlh8 16 Jan 2018

    Look at the old one next to the new one.... The old one looks the Business.. New one Nahhhh

  • wildatheart 16 Jan 2018

    It was all going really well until she started speaking.

  • coppice 16 Jan 2018

    What is it with the constant looking back of the motor industry? So many cars are built as an homage (pastiche more like ) of stuff from decades ago. Where the hell would we be now if Bullitt's Mustang hadn't been the shiny new model first seen only three years earlier , and which had come out of nowhere , but had itself been a tribute to a '38 Ford Model 81 A Convertible ?

  • ash73 16 Jan 2018

    Looks awesome! cool

  • GTEYE 16 Jan 2018

    Hey I don't care how good it is or if its significantly better than the GT.

    At the end of the day it's a Bullitt Mustang, so it just went off the scale of cool, which is fine by me.

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