Jeep Easter Concepts for 2019

The Easter Jeep Safari is a huge event in the US; 2019 will be its 53rd year, the hundreds of Jeep enthusiasts in attendance again being treated to a range of Jeep concepts. 2019 is more important than usual, in fact, with the new Wrangler and Gladiator both on sale.

Unsurprisingly then, those new cars are the focus of Jeep's Easter concepts this year: the Wayout, Flatbill, J6, JT Scrambler and Gravity are all based on those models. But perhaps the most interesting of all, the Five-Quarter, is based on one of their 50 year-old ancestors.

Described by Jeep as a restomod of the M-715 Five-Quarter military vehicle and "a true 4x4 showpiece featuring a blend of vintage and modern chassis and drivetrain components", the truck has been completely overhauled from the 1968 original. Carbon fibre replaces steel for some body parts, the leaf springs have been switched out for coils, the axles swapped for modern equivalents, the whole frame reinforced, 20-inch wheels used on 40-inch tyres and... oh yeah, it now has a supercharged V8. With 700 horsepower. These Easter Safari concepts are always cool, but this might be the best one yet.

The Wayout - and that really is the name - is the 'Gator Green' vehicle, designed to take advantage of the Gladiator's payload to "allow adventure seekers to go far off the beaten path". So it has a two-person tent, additional fuel tanks, a lift kit, a 12,000lb winch and a snorkel - you're not going to get stuck, basically. And while a car like this will won't be in Jeep showrooms any time soon, Gator Green will be available on production Gladiators.

The Flatbill is the one with the bikes in back, boasting an "unmistakeable, loud and rowdy appearance that serves as the ultimate hauler for an array of toys." So it has ramps to load and unload motocross bikes, plus new dampers, axles and a lift kit to take them wherever you might need. In a first for the new Gladiator, the Flatbill also uses the enormous 40-inch tyre.

Derived from a two-door Wrangler Rubicon, the Jeep J6 is designed to evoke the 1978 Jeep Honcho with its Brilliant Blue paint. The load bed has been made bigger, and the rest of the truck designed to "defend the Jeep J6 against off-road obstacles". Modifications include a "prototype two-inch steel stinger bar" with chunky LEDs mounted on it, another lift kit and a spare 17-inch wheel in the bed (with 37-inch tyre). The 3.6-litre V6 gets a cold air intake and new exhaust, presumably to announce your arrival as much as help with pulling power...

The final two are the JT Scrambler and the Gladiator Gravity. The former is an 80s throwback - and looking all the better for it - dedicated to the CJ Scrambler with 'Punk'N Metallic Orange paint and Nacho stripes. It's said to pull "liberally" from Mopar's Performance Parts line, including loads more LEDs, rock rails and all-weather mats. The Gravity has its entire body painted in that same Punk'N Orange shade, this car also fitted with a lot of bits now available from Mopar - with lockable cargo space (and Ram Truck bedliner), two-inch steel tube doors, heavy-gauge rock rails, and, of course, some more LED lights.

Clearly a lot of effort has gone into these concepts once more, and surely there's no better advert for parts than fitting them all on fully functioning concept vehicles. The Safari takes place from April 13th-21st, Jeep proclaiming that the vehicles are "certain to turn heads and delight the crowd" - you won't see us disagreeing.

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  • housen 08 Apr 2019

    now those are cool concepts !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cupramax 08 Apr 2019

    Liking the camo green one.

  • unsprung 08 Apr 2019

    love love love

  • Rudolph Hart 08 Apr 2019

  • howardhughes 08 Apr 2019

    Love it!

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