Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato first look

While the focus of the Aston Martin DBZ Centenary Collection has thus far been on the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation - because why wouldn't it be - it shouldn't be forgotten that the Β£6m also buys a new DBS GT Zagato as well. Before now the DBS has only been seen in renderings, but here it is, in real life, for all to see in Supernova Red glory, fresh from a reveal at the Audrain's Newport Concours. (That's Newport like Rhode Island, by the way, not Newport like off J26 off the M4.)

Quite something, isn't it? Marek Reichmann said of the GT: "They (the Aston team) have taken the already fabulous DBS Superleggera and shaped it into something which retains its Aston Martin identity, yet expresses itself as only a Zagato can. It is the modern expression of a timeless icon."

You'll make your own mind up about that statement, but it's worth pointing out what makes a Superleggera into a GT Zagato. That paint is worth a mention, as it's unique to this car; the carbon accents, gold and satin black wheels and 18-carat wing badges will feature on all of them, whichever colour you choose. This being a Zagato product, there is of course that double-bubble roof, too.

The GT cabin is perhaps even more significant; here it's in 'Caithness Spicy Red' leather with satin twill carbon, though of course the choice is limitless for the customers. Every single one will also see the first application in the automotive world of "configurable carbon and metal 3D-printed interior finishes". It means the central saddle can be carbon or aluminium - par for the course, really - or Gold Stainless Steel. Yep, Gold Stainless Steel. Aston says the finish needs nearly 100 hours of print time, with "additional polishing and post-processing by skilled craftsmen to achieve a perfect lustrous finish." Sounds like an option that pretty much selects itself...

Beyond that, it's worth noting that the DBS GT Zagato gets a mild power upgrade from a Superleggera, now 770hp where it was 725. Probably not enough in percentage terms for a drastic change in performance, though for those paying millions it's nice to have that bit extra over a plain old DBS...

With the Β£6m pair now officially shown to the world, the next step is building and delivery. While there's no word yet on quite when those DBS Zagatos will be ready, the DB4 Continuation cars will be finished and with customers by the end of 2019. What a way to welcome in a new year!

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  • Gandahar 04 Oct 2019

    It's just horrible compared to the DBS Superleggera which had fantastic outside. They seem to have gone all arabic and just added bling gold bits?

    It's even worse when next to the original.

    Whoever came up with this for the pairing for this expensive duo needs to be shot at Aston Martin. I'd have the old style one and send the new one to the crusher if I had so much money.

  • Gandahar 04 Oct 2019

    Having had a second look I now think my initial comment was far too kind.

  • BergunSlangler 04 Oct 2019

    The beautiful styling of the old car versus ... oh dear. And this is coming from a long-time Aston fan - especially the Aston Zagatos. It's now obvious who they're aiming at. Still, at least I won't ever have to look at the new one in the flesh.

  • BarcelonaLewis 04 Oct 2019

    There has obviously been a lot of effort put in to relate the two from a design perspective, but when you see them together it's very apparent how the old one is beautiful and the new one is really aggressive looking. Even the new MX5 is designed to have an aggressive front, a car which started out like a Noddy car (in a good way, I'm very fond of mine!). Aggressive seems to be the design flavour of the past decade, and I don't think you can begin to emulate the beauty of old cars like the Aston whilst doing that.

  • unsprung 04 Oct 2019

    Looking at the interior, I found myself saying to a colleague, "Look at those knobs." Fortunately, it all went down without a blink, as the colleague, like me, is not British.

    A magnificent creation, this car. Probably a bit too extroverted for some, eg: the razzle-dazzle of that interior, those neo-Space Age tail lamps. But I do like this car. I'd want to crisscross the Continent in it.

    The enormous grille does border on a p*** take, tbh. Ah, what the heck. If I'm spending this kind of money for this sort of car, I'd pop into a clever studio and have them affix a Dyson badge, discreetly, offset, on the grille. hehe

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