Bentley Bentayga - official

Yes, it's another uber SUV. One more 4x4 dripping in ostentation, bludgeoning its way through barriers of taste and modesty and yet carrying with it the mitigation of 'they had to do it, didn't they?', 'it'll sell like hot cakes', 'where would Porsche be without the Cayenne?' and the rest.

Um, surprise?
Um, surprise?
Of all the manufacturers having to translate brand values into this brave new world Bentley arguably has the easier job though. OK, there's not much 4x4 heritage to draw upon. But Crewe's finest have never been shy or retiring about the owner's wealth, status or willingness to pour vast amounts of petrol into a very large engine.

In the Bentayga's case that is the familiar 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbo, here packing 608hp and 663lb ft to shrug off the vehicle's 2,422kg bulk and record faintly astonishing figures to make good on Bentley's claim for 'most powerful and fastest SUV' bragging rights. To put that into numbers it'll do 0-62 in 4.1 seconds and maxes out at 187mph. First 200mph SUV would have been nice but maybe they're planning a Speed version to do that. Driving through an eight-speed auto that disengages to make the most of the car's considerable momentum at every possible opportunity, the Bentayga records an actually relatively impressive 292g/km. Hybrids and - you've got it - diesels will follow.

Better view of the poor people from here
Better view of the poor people from here
Inevitably there's lip service to off-road ability, boss Wolfgang Durheimer saying it will "offer a true Bentley experience in any environment." This requires lots of gizmos to achieve, wrapped up in eight driving modes including Responsive Off-Road Setting. This talks the talk of roll angles, axle articulation, compass bearing and altitude but, let's face it, is anyone really going to take a Bentayga anywhere much more taxing than a slightly damp polo lawn? Probably of more relevance in the Drive Dynamics Mode suite is the Dynamic Ride system, three-level air suspension and its active anti-roll powered by a 48v electrics system. Endless sensors, cameras and other gadgets are also included to help you park, navigate, avoid traffic jams and the rest.

Inside we are promised, with no lack of chutzpah, "the finest automotive interior in the world" predictably featuring lots of wood, leather and engineering/craftsmanship perfection. So there's veneered this, knurled that and, well, you get the picture by now.

And the looks? We won't steal your thunder on that. The floor is open...

Official video here.

Watch the high-speed test here.

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  • silver surfer 09 Sep 2015

    Can't wait for the 7 seater....


  • RoverP6B 09 Sep 2015

    I actually preferred the looks of the EXP 9F, this is just bland and bulbous and utterly un-Bentley. W12 engine too, how did I guess...

    As for the "undisclosed high-speed test location", that'd be Ehra-Lessien I presume...

  • morgrp 09 Sep 2015

    Personally think its a hideous looking turd of a car that is cashing in on the premiership footballer style "new money" generation of douche bags - It'll sell well. Interior looks very nice though and I bet it'll motor well with that drive train in place. Place your bets on whether this will be the first diesel Bentley in time

  • castex 09 Sep 2015

    Simply ghastly.

  • montpellier 09 Sep 2015

    God thats ugly . Interior wondeful, and that is where you want to be to avoid looking at it.

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