DB9 Volante

This is the new Aston Martin DB9 Volante that will be unveiled at January's Detroit motor show.

It's been engineered from the outset as a convertible rather than being a coupe with the roof lopped off. The roof retracts within the body of the car under a hard tonneau cover rather than sitting atop the body as on the DB7.

Rollover hoops are built in behind the rear seats and pop up in the event of an accident.

The car is powered by the 48 valve, 6 litre V12 and is expected to hit 60mph in less than five seconds and head on to more than 180mph.

Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Aston Martin DB9 Volante

The design is the work of Henrik Fisker, Aston Martin's Design Director. The question is does it do justice to the marque?

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  • PetrolTed 25 Nov 2003

    Really lacks presence in my opinion.

    Looks too ordinary for a car with such a history of exclusivity.

  • dino ferrana 25 Nov 2003

    I like it! Sounds great on the autocar videos too.

  • japes 25 Nov 2003

    I just think it looks too much like the cheaper forthcoming V8...why use EXACTLY the same design language for both cars ?

  • Marlon 25 Nov 2003

    The back-end looks disjointed from the rest of the car - almost unfinished. No where near as 'solid looking' as previous Astons. Almost reminds me of an MGF...

  • donatien 25 Nov 2003

    Oh dear - the rear shot screams Volvo.

    Does the engine have the same level of tune as the Vanquish? Surely they can up the power on this unit? OK, it's 2 Mondeo V6 blocks back to back but look what a couple of turbochargers do for Noble....what would a quad turbo Ford/Aston V12 bastard child produce?

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