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First DB4 Zagato Continuation nears completion

Aston Martin Works is mixing tradition with technology to produce each 380hp Zagato

By Sam Sheehan / Monday, August 12, 2019

If you're one of the 19 buyers of the DB4 Zagato Continuation, you'll no doubt be intimately aware of the manufacturer's progress - because you don't just order £6.2 million-worth of Aston and forget about it. You'll already know that production of the newly-built two-door icon is now in full swing, with the first three customers (hopefully you're one of them) set to receive their new/old car in Q4 of this year, before the actually new DBS GT Zagatos also included in the asking price are then delivered.

For the rest of us, the brand's Heritage Division has been rather quiet since it confirmed in June that production of the DB4s was to begin. But the folks at Aston Martin Works have been busy hand shaping aluminium panels, mounting live axles and screwing plugs into 380hp straight-sixes. Although the traditional build techniques employed on the DB4s limit the pace of progress, Aston is making use of the latest manufacturing technology where appropriate to ensure accuracy. Rest assured there'll be no Friday builds in this batch.

The firm also revealed that for the first time the workshop can now build multiple continuation cars at the same time, meaning the order backlog for seven figure Astons should be cleared more efficiently in future. And rest assured there is an order backlog to clear, because Aston's DBZ Centenary Collection, of which the DB4 GT Zagato sits alongside the 'regular' DB4 GT and DB5 Goldfinger, is said to have proved immensely popular. Given the profit margins of such projects, it's unlikely the heritage department will quieten down anytime soon.

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