Jaguar adds 600hp Project 8 to Race Taxi stable

The Ring and Race Taxi format is well established at the Nordschleife now; pay your euros, jump in the passenger seat, hold on tight for a few minutes while being scared, share onboard video for weeks after. Jaguar has been running an XJR575Β through its Nurburgring experience centre for a while now, along with an F-Type SVR, but now the latter has been replaced - by an XE Project 8.

Yep, that means Jaguar's fleet of Nurburgring cars are a pair of four-door saloons. Marvellous news. Still, the XE is of course better suited to the task than most, having clocked that incredible 7:21 lap last yearΒ - making it the fastest production four-door to have lapped there - and designed specifically with circuit driving in mind. Indeed Jaguar describes the place as "an essential part" of the car's development. Even though a 7:21 isn't going to happen with paying customers on board, Jaguar does say a lap will feature speeds in excess of 155mph and cornering force of up to 1.8g.Β 

The bad news? Well it'll have to be one at a time, sadly, and not four-up, as the XE being used as the Race Taxi will be a car equipped with the Track Pack, and thus not include rear seats. Shame. Time in the passenger seat costs €199 per lap, with the Race Taxi experience still running until November this year before closing for the winter. Book your space here!


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  • BFleming 24 Oct 2018

    I saw a project 8 at the Nurburgring two weeks ago (not this one I hasten to add), complete with 'Prototype Vehicle' sticker on the back bumper. This new orange one shows up on the DVLA website as having '0g CO2/km', which is the usual telltale of UK prototype / evaluation vehicles. They must have some generous insurance that allows them to carry passengers on the Ring in such a car - particularly as Dale Lomas or Celia Martin don't hold back! But it is big business nowadays, with the BMW ringtaxis retired & the taxis run by (at least) 4 different companies, each allowed 2 cars at any one time. I did the Apex taxi in the M3 driven by Moritz Kranz. Phenominal.

    The Project 8 I saw there:

  • Jon_S_Rally 24 Oct 2018

    I did a lap with Dale in the F-Type earlier this year. Have been out with him in an M6 in the past too. Great guy and can definitely steer a car. The F-Type was excellent I must say, even from the passenger seat. A total lunatic of a car. Might have to go for the Project 8 lap next time I'm out there.

  • JP.Racing 24 Oct 2018

    I have been a passenger in one of the development cars on the test tack, as well as some finished cars on the road. I really really want one, regardless of it being a somewhat daft and expensive car. The noise it makes, the looks of the thing (just not red!), the rarity and the split personality. A four seater is plenty comfortable enough to cruise about in, might even manage 30mpg. laugh Then hit the switches to put it into track mode and turn the exhaust into full shout and all hell breaks loose.

    Gloss BRG with gold bits please, similar to this... Or white looks very good as well

  • robinandcamera 24 Oct 2018

    I’d love an insight in the the maintenance these cars must need to be able to smash laps day in, day out!

  • cobra kid 24 Oct 2018

    robinandcamera said:
    I’d love an insight in the the maintenance these cars must need to be able to smash laps day in, day out!
    Like any other taxi - generally none!

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