Jaguar I-PACE vs Tesla Model X

Not content with telling us about the I-PACE's performance, Jaguar couldn't resist showing us - in the most explicit way possible. As part of its live global reveal, the firm showcased a film which pits its first all-electric vehicle against the Tesla Model X in a 0-60-0 sprint at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City.

Not just one Model X either, but two: the entry-level 75D and the range-topping 100D. Bizarrely, Gaydon was at pains to remind us that the test was not over a set distance (possibly to underline the fact both versions of Tesla's falcon-winged car have higher top speeds than the I-PACE) and that this was an examination of stopping as well as starting.

Conspicuous in its absence is the 772hp Performance version of the 100D, but Jaguar might reasonably point out that the I-PACE is less than half the price of that car. Either way, it's over to you Elon.


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  • acme 01 Mar 2018

    Making the assumption this is 100% genuine (!), it's pretty ballsy, and I didn't expect them to then bring on the 100D!

  • B17NNS 01 Mar 2018

    We live in exciting times. Loving the Jag and kudos to Tesla for making a whole industry sit up and take notice.

    I suspect the 100D wasn't in ludicrous mode or they'd have made it very clear that it was.

  • JD 01 Mar 2018

    Who indeed would have thought the smaller, lighter, faster car would beat the other in a race!

  • Ed. 01 Mar 2018

    Is that Jags first hatchback?

  • Leggy 01 Mar 2018

    The Tesla looks odd. It’s like a massive scale model but 130% bigger in every proportion to a normal car. Jag is a much nicer shape.

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