Jaguar XFR-S estate spied...   

A test mule for what appears to be a Jaguar XFR-S estate is currently doing the rounds, both of the Nurburgring and online motoring media. But is Jaguar actually going to build one or is it just having a bit of fun with a rather cool test mule?

XFR-S valance for this test mule
XFR-S valance for this test mule
Currently the most potent XF Sportbrake you can buy fuels from the black pump, the surprisingly silky 275hp V6 diesel S good for a sub-six 0-62mph time, 159g/km and high 40s mpg. All very good for those living in that mythical ‘real world’.

But in the one also populated by recently updated E63 AMG wagons and all-new AudiRS6 Avant we’d be rather keen for Jaguar to get stuck in and build a Sportbrake with the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 that does such sterling service in various hot Jags and Range Rovers. Whether in 510hp R tune or more potent 550hp R-S form it’d be more than enough to go chasing the Audis and Mercs and makes for an enticing prospect for lovers of fast wagons. Certainly this test car would seem to have an XFR-S style front valance with the additional ‘gills’ in the intakes and diffuser in the rear bumper, not to mention the S wheels and brakes, but beyond that it’s hard to say what’s going on beneath.

Pretty fetching in prototype black, has to be said
Pretty fetching in prototype black, has to be said
This assumes it’s indicative of something that may be built of course. Autocar says the test mule is just that and “although technically possible” it “remains a project of Jaguar’s Engineered to Order ‘skunk works’ division” and the demand isn’t there.

The American news sites discussing the car would beg to differ, both on the demand and Jaguar’s inclination to build it.

So we asked Jaguar, not especially optimistic of anything conclusive, and a spokesperson said “I can’t comment on product speculation.” No surprises there. He did continue, “At any time, around 30 test cars run at our Nurburgring facility. Exciting stuff. Of course an XFR-S Sportbrake is possible. But definitely no plans at this time.”

Is there a market for fast estate cars though? Funnily enough we were chatting with Ford about this in conversation about our Focus ST fleet car. As mentioned, Ford eventually hopes the estate version will account for 20 per cent of ST sales, from a current level of 10 per cent. But what about the Audis and Mercs higher up the food chain an XFR-S would be doing battle with? RS Avants are the hot Audi heartland of course and there’s no saloon version of the RS6, this role now filled by the RS7 Sportback.

We want this appearing in AMG/Audi RS mirrors!
We want this appearing in AMG/Audi RS mirrors!
Over at AMG C63 saloons out-sell estates to the tune of nearly 4:1 but demand for the wagon has increased by 104.2 per cent year to date, compared with 44.5 per cent for the four-door. It’s more like 5:1 for E63 but in the case of the CLS63 it’s just over 2:1, suggesting the slinkier Shooting Brake format is very much en vogue and there is indeed a market for glamorous V8-powered 500hp-plus estates.

There’s your evidence Jaguar. Now just go and build it. Here to help and all that.

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  • ecs0set 24 Jul 2013

    Much want! Although I suspect the fuel bills might be a bit eye-watering.

  • Krikkit 24 Jul 2013

    Lovely. True to the Jaguar motto too: Grace, pace, space. (By modern standards of course)

  • Dusty964 24 Jul 2013

    Am I alone in thinking the rear wheels look tiny on that?
    Not keen I'm afraid

  • adzpz 24 Jul 2013

    So much want - although the running costs of this type of car mean that sadly the big diesels make more sense.

  • TaylotS2K 24 Jul 2013

    Looks very nice for an estate.

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