Vauxhall Omega V6 estate: Reader's Car of the Week

Everybody loves a silly track car project, right? Something inappropriate being prepped for circuit work is always heartening to see, precisely because of how unsuited the donor car is. See how much admiration the old Volvo 850 BTCC cars still receive - and we don't mean the saloons.

Therefore the project vehicle of PHers 'ChemicalChaos' and 'JimmyRecard' is very interesting, because it's a Vauxhall Omega. Estate. In gold. Over to ChemicalChaos...

"A long time ago, in discussion with PHer and tame racing driver Synchromesh, we pondered: what about a track day car that was six-cylinder, RWD, manual... but not another bloody BMW?

"Initial thoughts centred on a Jaguar S-type for ultimate incongruous hilarity. However, this was swiftly put paid to by a total lack of affordable off-the-shelf performance upgrades such as suspension and brakes.

"At the same time, chatting to good friend Jimmy Recard and mentioning the idea brought up another proposition - an Omega. Now, here was a cheap, relatively plentiful and very well-made car with a lot of potential. Due to their popularity as a drift barge, there was also a decent supply of brakes, coilovers etc available from performance suppliers."

Having found this estate for sale, with a manual gearbox and less than 70,000 miles, at just £650, the lads' Omega odyssey was underway. And while it would be wrong for us to spoil the surprise, it would appear that things are going mostly okay - clutch issues notwithstanding...

That doesn't stop this Omega being a very intriguing project, the PHers' dedication to a quirky cause worthy of attention and some considerable excitement. We look forward to seeing what 2019 holds for the Omega track car...

Read the full thread here


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