Alpine A110 Cup confirmed

Finally, some good motorsport news! Alpine has today announced a new A110 Cup, a one-make series - funnily enough - using the new mid-engined sports car. And one more production based championship has to be a good thing, doesn't it?

Never seen one of these race before? Click the vid!
Never seen one of these race before? Click the vid!
Details are scarce at the moment, the official bits limited to this sketch and confirmation that the car will be built by Signatec - the team that helped with Alpine's LMP2 programme. Apparently the main modification is a roll cage, implying that the cars will be close to production standard and well below even something like a GT4 car. Still, what better way to prove the credentials of your road car than racing a version very similar to the one in the showroom? We will of course keep you updated with more details, but it sounds like those expecting a flame-throwing, bewinged GT3 monster - or a car like the 911 Carrera Cup - will be disappointed.

The championship is set to be launched in Europe initially, with the aim for 20-car grids at various circuits across the continent. Pitch suggestions now for those tracks not used enough across Europe... Cadwell Park maybe?

A final point of interest too: this isn't the first Alpine one-make series. Back in the 80s there was an 'Alpine Cup' using a racing GTA that took place before the European F1 races. Kind of like a poor man's M1 Procar, or at least that's how it sounds. See here for some Alpine Cup gold, the 1986 Monaco race. Listen to those V6s! More info on the 21st century Alpine Cup when we have it.

Watch the 1986 Alpine Cup from Monaco - there's a good sentence to write - here. Or skip to the race start here. Enjoy!

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  • SmartVenom 28 Jul 2017

    Not sure I'd be voting for Caldwell, great place to drive around, but not a great place to race at. There really are so few overtaking spots. Also doesn't help that it's in the middle of nowhere!

  • PhantomPH 28 Jul 2017

    Wonder how much the cost of this is going to be for private entries? Say a season in the championship - possible for a 'regular' bloke (financially) or crazy pricey?

  • KMB 28 Jul 2017

    Such an American title, I always grimace when 'Already' is used in this context frown

  • JerryF 29 Jul 2017

    I agree about the word "Already" in the title. Why?

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