Bugatti EB110 Endurance Racers: Time for Tea?

The Bugatti EB110 may not have been the marque’s most successful venture, but it’s certainly one of its coolest. Sure, an output of 560hp is no longer particularly noteworthy, particularly from a quad-turbo V12, but a top speed of 213mph is certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

It’s easy to see why, then, that despite the financial difficulty which would eventually scupper the EB110 project, and lead to the company’s sale to Volkswagen, Bugatti’s ambition for the car remained unabated. The decision was therefore taken to build two examples for endurance racing: the EB110 LM for Le Mans and the EB110 SC GTS-1 for the IMSA GT championship. Now a fantastic short film has been created, telling the story of those cars, and the men who created them.

On how the film came to be made its director, Davide Cironi, explains: “The owner of the two racing cars contacted me a year ago, inviting me to visit him to make this film, and we were picked up at the airport by what I assumed was a lowly assistant. But no, it was the owner himself driving the van, one of the world’s most passionate collectors.

Bugatti confirms Chiron 'Divo'

“Within a few hours, an astonishing series of guests began to arrive on various flights from across Italy: there was Loris Bicocchi, Romano Artioli and Giampaolo Benedini, plus Giampaolo Simonini, Fabio Baroni and Vittorio Filippini – the latter a technician so in love with his work that it was almost poetic.”

Their tales of the car’s conception, from the racing transmission’s design and eventual demise to the troubled development of its single wheel nuts are fascinating on their own. Compiled together as they are here though, and supplemented by plenty of period footage, they make for a highly compelling way to spend half an hour. Enjoy!


P.H. O'meter

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Comments (16) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Funkstar De Luxe 09 Aug 2018

    This guy's videos are incredible.

  • cookie1600 09 Aug 2018

    One describes all the contributors: Passion

  • Gecko1978 09 Aug 2018

    possibly my fave supercar of all time. I have read there was a planned 1000bhp upgrade in the works that never came to be.

  • fph 09 Aug 2018

    I still have the diecast 1/18 model that I had as a child. V12, four turbos, 60 valves and four wheel drive in a compact chassis built in a state of the art factory. What could possibly go wrong?

  • howardhughes 09 Aug 2018

    "560hp is no longer particularly noteworthy, particularly from a quad-turbo V12"

    Quite possibly one of the most dismissive comments written and rather disrespectful.

    So it doesn't do 60 in 1.5 seconds or reach 120 in 3? is that really an issue??

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