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Oh yeah - easy-peasy

By Jack Mansfield / Sunday, February 16, 2020

Engine rebuilds. Two words that, when combined, make stomachs turn. Usually because they're unexpected, and almost always because they come accompanied by a huge bill. But what about when they're just for preventative maintenance? PHer Bebs is in the process of doing just that with his Ferrari 360 so that he can carry on daily duties with it - yep, he daily drives a Ferrari. Legend.

This unforeseen rebuild started when Bebs took his 360 along to AV Engineering for a cambelt service after it had been in storage for a year (whilst a house refurb took priority), but the engineering team subsequently noticed a leak from the clutch bell housing, which of course needed a more intricate investigation. The cause of the leak was discovered, and was found to be caused by an incorrect rear main seal. Which is exactly where things started to get a little more pricey.

The wrong seal, without the correct rubber flange that the OEM seal has, had caused a large score mark on the crank shaft, meaning a new seal wouldn't cut the mustard in stopping the leak. The decision was made to take the engine out, which uncovered some more issues...

We'll leave the rest to Bebs to document for you - he does a fantastic job of doing so. Dive into the thread here and find out how it went!

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