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840hp G-Power Hurricane RS launched

BMW M5-based monster leaves the Competition behind with a 215hp advantage

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, April 1, 2020

German tuner G-Power has launched an uprated version of the latest BMW M5 with an extra 215hp - yes, two hundred and fifteen - over the super saloon's Competition model. With 840hp and 774lb ft of torque, the Hurricane RS is claimed to be capable of hitting 62mph in 2.5 seconds, before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 217mph. That maximum isn't determined by the gearing, by the way, but to protect the tyres. G-Power reckons there's a fair way to go before its creation naturally tops out.

The BMW and AMG aftermarket specialist said the power increase comes thanks to a pair of new turbochargers for the F90's 4.4-litre, as well as a freer-flowing titanium exhaust system and a software update. Apparently, the V8 needed nothing more to achieve those enormous performance gains, which is both impressive and so very 2020. The same goes for the M5's eight-speed automatic gearbox, which just needed a software update.

As per tuner tradition, G-Power's M5 has received 21-inch wheels, a carbon fibre bonnet with a bulge and some orange body wrap. But there's no mention of any suspension or driveline changes, suggesting BMW's factory fit three-stage adaptive suspension and adjustable driveline are more than up to the job. Whether the back tyres are as prepared for handling all that newfound muscle in rear-drive mode is another question...

Think of G-Power's latest creation as a demonstration of an M5 parts catalogue, rather than a full build model. Prices in Germany are split per part, with the turbos costing £6,883, the exhaust priced at £5,712 and the software adding £3,714, totalling £16.3k if they're all provided in the G-Power workshop. Not cheap, but on a car that'll rarely leave the showroom for less than six-figures, it actually doesn't seem like bad value given the gains on offer. For those not won over by the idea of such a monstrous Q car, that CF bonnet is £4,634 fitted, those wheels and tyres are £8,448 and the wrap's £3,360.

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