Audi R8 LMS GT2 is most powerful R8 racer yet

Next year will see the introduction of a 'GT2' class to world of sportscars, eligible for series like the Blancpain GT Series and the same organisation's World Challenge that takes place across continents. It aims to take the drivability of current GT4 cars to another performance level, complementing the existing GT3 competitors by being quicker in a straight line but not so rapid through the bends. Porsche has already shown its potential competitor in the 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, and now it's Audi's turn with the R8 LMS GT2.

Just shown at Goodwood, Audi has described the GT2 as "a fascinating sports car"; more than that, it's the most powerful motorsport R8 yet made, with 640hp from its V10 - 20hp more than the roadgoing Performance. These howling LMS R8s are always a treat for race fans, even in GT4 and GT3 forms, so news of the V10's retention for this car is most certainly good news.

For 2019, the GT2 will be available to customers - primarily gentleman drivers - for use at track days and race resorts. From December, Audi Sport will begin delivery to race teams, ahead of next year's inauguration of the reimagined GT2 racing. The promise for these regulations is of "a new stage in racing to the world's most beautiful super sports cars". Beautiful might be a stretch for this R8, festooned as it is ginormous aero devices, but it's going to make for an incredible race car to watch. Fancy one? Audi Sport will relieve you of 338,000 euros plus taxes - being a gentleman racer never has come cheap, after all...

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  • designndrive62 05 Jul 2019

    So if im reading that article right, GT2 is for gentlemen drivers that want to go fast in a straight line but can't go round corners? Surely just go drag racing..

    I also can't understand if this is now the premier level, or if GT3 is still more prestigeous??

  • 200Plus Club 05 Jul 2019

    Those colours are making my eyes bleed...

  • Big Robbo 05 Jul 2019

    Gentlemen drivers, or PWMMTS , will like it because it's shiny and new regardless if it can go round a corner quickly

  • Oldwolf 05 Jul 2019

    Those tyres would play havoc with my OCD.

  • E65Ross 05 Jul 2019

    Most powerful R8 racer ever? How much was the LMP1?

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