Audi RS Q8 breaks Nurburgring SUV record

Audi's upcoming RS Q8 has nabbed the Nurburgring SUV lap record from AMG's GLC 63 S, clocking a 7:42.25 lap. The soon-to-arrive super-SUV's time is an impressive seven seconds quicker than the 510hp AMG's, and comes with confirmation that the RS Q8 can hit 62mph in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 190mph. Both numbers beat the anticipated figures for even the Aston Martin DBX.

Audi's RS Q8 certainly looks focussed in the onboard video below, with Audi Blancpain GT star Frank Stippler hustling the considerably-more-than-two-tonne SUV over the cambers and crests of the Green Hell with a near complete lack of body roll. Audi Sport's engineers have clearly given the RS Q8 the full available suite of 48v stabilisation tech underneath - with likely even more twist provided by its motors than the already flat SQ8.

There's also no questioning the powerplant that's propelling this brute around the 'Ring, with the deep-throated vocals of Audi's turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 clear and proper from the other side of the bulkhead. The motor is expected to have around 600hp, which combined with Audi Sport's evermore ubiquitous rear-axle sport differential, appears to provide Mr Stippler with a healthy amount of on-the-throttle steerability.

We won't have long to wait for confirmation of all that speculation, either, with the RS Q8 due for reveal later this month.


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  • wab172uk 07 Nov 2019

    It's like my Christmas and Birthday come at once.

  • irocfan 07 Nov 2019

    I'm going to be 'that person'.... yawn. Yes it's technically really impressive but, ultimately, yawn

  • JimSuperSix 07 Nov 2019

    From the side view it looks just like a (very ugly) normal car , not an there anything that officially defines it as an SUV at all other than being a tad taller?

  • Baldchap 07 Nov 2019

    Wonder how many people who haven't driven it will tell us how bad it is?

  • Dave Hedgehog 07 Nov 2019

    irocfan said:
    I'm going to be 'that person'.... yawn. Yes it's technically really impressive but, ultimately, yawn
    at least audi are taking the environmental impact of the car industry seriously

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