Golf GTI Clubsport S at the 'ring: Time for Tea?

Perhaps more than any other automotive record, the current Nurburgring lap fascination has the greatest controversy around it. Mainly around whether the cars used by manufacturers are standard, be that in terms of power, tyres or indeed weight.

What's needed is some independent verification of these laps. Fortunately sportauto is at hand with the heroically fast test-driver Christian Gebhardt and what we can only assume is a standard, customer-spec Golf GTI Clubsport S. Yes, the very car that's said to be capable of 7:49.21 around the Nordschleife.

Spoiler alert: this lap isn't a 7:49 lap. We'll let you watch the video to see just how far off it is but, numbers aside, this is still an incredible feat of driving. This is a genuine sub-eight-minute lap of the Nurburgring in a Golf, after all.

What's most remarkable about the lap is the Clubsport's composure. It simply isn't disturbed by bumps, heavy braking or fast changes of direction. There's some tyre squeal here and there, more often than not on corner exit, but the way it carries pace is mesmerising. No doubt helped by Herr Gebhardt and his ability to thrash the nuts off a car.

Finally, you'll notice the start of the video is a lap at Hockenheim. There the Golf records a time of 1:13.1; that's identical to an M3, just as tenth slower than a 360 Challenge Stradale and quicker than Gebhardt in an RS7. Quick car!

Watch the video here.

[Source: Fastestlaps]

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  • IMI A 19 Jul 2016

    Astonishing pace for a FWD hatchback. Only 150 RHD worldwide. Anyone buying one? Looks the mutts nuts too.

  • LaurasOtherHalf 19 Jul 2016

    The video doesn't tell you the lap time confused

  • IMI A 19 Jul 2016

    LaurasOtherHalf said:
    The video doesn't tell you the lap time confused
    Its in the caption if you watch it on youtube.

    Published on Jun 9, 2016
    Supertest VW Golf GTI Clubsport S: Onboard Sport auto-Tester Christian Gebhardt auf der Nordschleife und in Hockenheim. Rundenzeit Nordschleife: 7.56,9 min, Rundenzeit Hockenheim: 1.13,1 min. Mehr in Sport Auto 7/2016

    First time I've seen a lap where the film looked speeded up. Its ability through corners is ridiculously fast for a Golf. Get one whilst you can as I have a feeling these may be sold out pretty quickly....

  • rtz62 19 Jul 2016

    I have to smiley when I ask, but is it just me?
    At every corner, the pilot seems to have his head turned towards the left or right front windows....
    Ok, I guess he is taking the swimming/diving approach; wherever the head is pointing, the body will follow. Or do I mean that's what the pilot of an Apache attack helicopter does?

  • hughcam 19 Jul 2016

    Its impressive but no doubt a Civic type R would be a good bit quicker on the Cup 2 tyre.

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