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Porsche GT1 emerges

Road-going Le Mans car due in 2009?

By / Thursday, June 29, 2006

Porsche Carrera GT: basis for the GT1

Porsche Carrera GT: basis for the GT1

Porsche looks set to produce a Bugatti Veyron-beater, according to this week's Autocar magazine. The machine will be based on the Le Mans car that Porsche has under development, but will be a road-going version. It's due in 2009.

The 950bhp car, to be called the GT1, will hit a top speed of 254mph -- that's just a shade over the Veyron's 252mph top whack. However, by the time the GT1 arrives, the game may well have moved on, since there are strong rumours of a faster Veyron under wraps. The GT1 will be based on the Carrera GT, using a modified version of its carbon fibre chassis but with a different nose and tail, plus a roof. The dashboard's said to be very similar too.

We don't yet know though where the power is to come from. It could be a modified version of the GT's V10 or a turbocharged V8 -- the engine in the Cayenne -- but bored-out to 5.5-litres.

Autocar's source was leaked official drawings of the car.


More news on the Panamera, Porsche's four-door cruiser, also due in 2009. Sources suggest that the car will be aimed at the lucrative executive car slot -- where the BMW 5-series and E-class sit so comfortably right now.

This suggests that it could be a volume seller, as the two incumbents shift about half a million units a year into this segment. If true, expect a V8-powered Panamera to sell for around £45,000 with the potential for a down-market V6 aimed at the 530i M Sport.


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