Porsche plans four-seat mid-engined coupe

Those PHers with sharp memories, or a predilection for Porsches, may remember we brought you news last year of the company's plans to slot a model between the 911 and the forthcoming 918 supercar.

989 concept never made production
989 concept never made production
At the time, the German press had been reporting that the new car would be effectively a successor to the techno-fest that was the 959 of the 1980s and perhaps a revival of the old 989 concept. Well we have news on that front. The new car looks like being a numerical successor to the 959 - it's been dubbed the 960, at least by the press - but instead of a conventional supercar it's expected to be a four-seat mid-engined coupe.

In an article on US mag Automobile's website a couple of weeks back, detailing the VW Group's new product we noticed nestled in a part describing the new MSB-M platform, this little nugget:

"Porsche 960, a four-door coupe due in late 2015. The 960 will be the lead car for the new MSB-M platform."

Porsche four-door plans remain blurry
Porsche four-door plans remain blurry
Which means we can expect the 960 to be a mid-engined, rear- and/or all-wheel-drive offering.

Automobile's Georg Kacher goes on to say that the new car will be a direct rival for Ferrari (you've got to be thinking FF), being nicknamed the 'Fefi', or Ferrari-fighter.

And the motive power it will use to take on Maranello? A twin-turbo flat-six. Should be interesting...





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Comments (68) Join the discussion on the forum

  • AndrewSV 09 May 2012

    I thought this gap was already filled by the Panamera? :S

  • number1nesta 09 May 2012

    The closing line; 'Should be interesting...'. Not for me if it's anything like the Panamera.

    Oh, and yes, isn't this niche already populated by the Panamera? Is this a Porsche/VW example of models massively overlapping, yet again?

  • Chicane-UK 09 May 2012

    I will predict that it looks almost exactly like the Panamera then.. just a little bit shorter.

  • TrivsTom 09 May 2012

    Again, its a niche filled by the Panamera. The idea of a mid-engine four seater sounds ridiculous, unless its a Citroen DS-style front-mid set up, it will take up loads of passenger space..

  • Mr-B 09 May 2012

    Chicane-UK said:
    I will predict that it looks almost exactly like the Panamera then.. just a little bit shorter.
    You mean a bit like a 911 with 4 doors? biggrin

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