Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Now if this Golf looks familiar, then your memory is not deceiving you; this is the Golf TCR first seen last summer. Except it isn't quite the same, because it's now a Golf GTI TCR.

Mechanically it's unchanged though, with a 330hp 2.0-litre turbo and DSG gearbox. It even looks pretty much identical, with the 40cm increase in width, huge rear wing and front splitter carried over. Sure, there's now a GTI grille, but this is clearly still the same car.

Can we mention the Clubsport again yet?
Can we mention the Clubsport again yet?
What's significant about the TCR now though is that 2016 is the Golf GTI's 40th anniversary and, well, that has to be worth celebrating a little more. As well as that, VW Motorsport has now sold all 20 cars allocated for this season. Interestingly there are 16 championships the TCR cars are now eligible for, from a national series across Europe to a USA championship, a TCR Asia event and a class for the cars at the 'ring 24-hour as well. The first test will take place at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia next Monday.

Now this all sounds well and good, particularly with some inter-VW rivalry against the Leon Cup Racer, but the TCR does rather show what the Golf GTI Clubsport could have been. A 40th anniversary car in all but name, the Clubsport branding did rather suggest a more comprehensive overhaul than a little more power and a flash of Alcantara. Imagine how it could have been with a 330hp version of the EA888 engine, some proper aero and a stripped out interior. It would have rather stood on the toes of the Golf R, but given VW describes the GTI as "more than just a seal of quality - it is a trademark and an identity" it shouldn't be unreasonable to expect something a little more focused for such an anniversary. A limited edition perhaps?

Anyway, the TCR International Series begins in Bahrain in April, running alongside the F1 race. Given VW's investment and the fact that a Leon Cup Racer won the championship last year, it would be a brave person to bet against the Golf TCR enjoying some success. Perhaps if VW triumphs we can have a proper Clubsport in celebration?



[TCR championship info: Wikipedia]


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  • GTEYE 09 Mar 2016

    As regards another fast road-going Golf....does the world actually need yet another one?

  • WCZ 09 Mar 2016

    what happened to the R400 ?

  • xRIEx 09 Mar 2016

    GTEYE said:
    As regards another fast road-going Golf....does the world actually need yet another one?
    Reading the article is beneath you, huh?

  • Gary29 09 Mar 2016

    Will look nice in the VW Racing Cup

  • generationx 09 Mar 2016

    WCZ said:
    what happened to the R400 ?
    When I talked to a UK salesman about this he implied that the project has been postponed (for an unknown period) due to backlash from the diesel "scandal" making another "fuel-guzzling" performance version look a little incongruous.

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