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VW Corrado VR6: Reader's Car of the Week

A PH favourite, rescued and being restored to its former glory. Kudos, sir...

By Matt Bird / Saturday, January 19, 2019

Believe it or not, the very first VW Corrados began to reach customers just about 30 years ago. Yep, 1989 may also be remembered as the year of the MX-5, but it wasn't the only notable sports car to arrive at the tail end of the eighties. Revealed at the end of 1988 and put into production soon after, every car fan and his dog will be aware of the positive reception the Corrado has received in the three decades hence.

They're getting rare now, though. Thanks to a market more concerned with hot hatches than coupes, far more Golf GTIs have been considered worthy of preserving since the 1990s than Corrados. Great though the coupe was, the Corrado didn't create a segment and then define an era of performance cars quite like the GTI.

Nevertheless, a car as revered as the Corrado deserves to be looked after (and some classic car diversity embraced) which is why we're very pleased to see PHer 'Contigo' - some people refer to him as Phil - save a VR6 that was described in his words as "sat in a farmyard car port feeling sorry for itself."

Since acquiring the car earlier this month, Phil has already set about a full service (filters, plugs, fluids, discs and pads), fixing the dodgy sunroof and cleaning off the farm grime. Future plans include fitting some original wheels and suspension, though Phil has conceded already that he does like this aftermarket look - and we're inclined to agree...

Despite not having the Corrado in his possession for long, Phil has already taken it to the recent Bicester Sunday Scramble and has plans to liberate a little more V6 noise sooner rather than later. We can't wait to hear more about - congratulations Phil on a great purchase, and saving another Corrado from the scrapper in the sky!

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